Building Brighter Futures, One Student at a Time

Three high school students. Three very different lives. But one commonality they all share is a brighter future thanks to Project Ready and United Way of Central Indiana.

Project Ready is an Indianapolis Urban League program whose mission is to help high school students be more academically, socially, and culturally prepared for their next step—college. This year-long program prepares students for college through a set curriculum and a specific academic plan, while focusing on such disciplines as economics, business, and community development.

Chelsea, a student at George Washington High School, expressed her gratitude for the assistance that Project Ready has given her: “Project Ready has helped me gain the confidence and courage to be myself ... [and] helped me find myself and the potential I never knew I had .... I am very grateful for this experience, and I will never forget the skills and knowledge I have gained.”

Eric, who is now in his second year with Project Ready, has utilized the program as a vehicle to overcome some of his own obstacles. Coming from a group home, Eric has learned that his past does not have to dictate his present or future. Because of Project Ready, he was able to play varsity football and was at the top of his class academically. Now, he is looking torward a future studying biomedical engineering or psychology.

Devonta found Project Ready after the loss of his father and surrounding support system. “Project Ready and its staff have helped me deal with my insecurities, expressing myself, and ultimately being the best that I can be,”  Devonta explained. Upon graduation, Devonta plans to attend the University of Central Florida to become a surgeon.

Through programs like Project Ready, United Way of Central Indiana is fighting for the education of everyone in their community. These three students, and countless others, were given the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to fulfill their potential. It's just one more way United Way is investing in the personal and professional growth of the next generation.