Cummins and Jackson County United Way partner for the 6th Annual Seymour Community Work Day

September 14, 2018 will mark the 6th Annual Seymour Community Work Day sponsored by Cummins, Inc. with the support of the Jackson County United Way. 
The Seymour Community Work Day will have 140 volunteers out in force participating in 21 teams. Teams are assigned to multiple projects and will work until assigned projects are completed. The focus throughout Jackson County will be on seniors who might need some light landscaping, painting and other tasks they themselves are not able to do. Approximately 50 projects will be completed with 32 projects from county seniors and a couple projects were carried over from the United Way’s Day of Caring. 
In 2012, JCUW had 558 volunteers; in 2017 we had 3,262; which is a growth of 485%.  Bonita Dobbs, Program Manager shared, “Not only do we have more volunteers serving in the community- they are serving more hours with a growth 822%; our volunteer base served 33,821 hours.  When we used the estimated value of volunteer time as $24.14 per hour; the total value in 2017 was over $816,400 making a huge impact in our county.”  JCUW celebrates the partnership of Cummins who encourages their employees to give back to the community with at least four hours a year.  
Tonja Couch, JCUW Executive Director added, “We are blessed with the partnership of Cummins.  They’ve been an important partner in the opportunity to grow our volunteerism so rapidly.”
Dobbs agreed, “The focus this year from Seymour Community Work Day to prioritize the seniors in need- directly ties to our community’s hope around being a community that works together for solutions to neighbors and generations.  The planning team that includes Cummins and City of Seymour officials made that happen.” 
Couch added, “The numbers Bonita shared also tell us a story about the opportunity we have.  With less than 8% of our community engaged in making Jackson County the place we want it to be; we need more help.  We would love to help connect more individuals in our county to volunteerism to keep our community moving forward.” 
If you want to volunteer with Jackson County United Way, there is an upcoming opportunity with the Red Ribbon Week project, contact Kimberly Buck, 812-522-5450 or