Focusing on Financial Stability

More than one in three families in Jackson County do not earn enough money to make ends meet. These men, women, and children have trouble securing a stable steady income, ensuring basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter for themselves and their family, leading a healthy lifestyle, and succeeding in school. 

Poverty affects all of us. It influences the quality of our local education, the availability of jobs for qualified workers, and the stability of our local economy. It is essential for us to help this growing population of our community who are stuck in the cycle of poverty.  By reaching out to one neighbor, we influence the condition of all. 

In 2014, completed a community needs assessment of Jackson County to better understand the gaps of our community and where we fit into the solution.  In 2016, we engaged over 300 members of the community from all walks of life and backgrounds in 25 deep conversations about the kind of community we want Jackson County to be.  After speaking with people from every corner of our community, we landed firmly with commitment to changing the financial stability of our residents.  Now, we are an organization focused on financial stability for all Jackson County residents.  

We are currently developing a coalition and programming to help motivated people step out of poverty and into self-sufficiency in Jackson County. By helping those in need succeed, we strengthen our entire community.