Our County's Hopes

Community Conversations

Since March 2016 we've engaged  475 members of the community from all walks of life and backgrounds in 37 deep conversations about the kind of community we want Jackson County to be. People came into these conversations with honesty and a willingness to share and for this we are deeply grateful.  In return, we are committed to broadly sharing what we heard so that anyone in our community who wants to take action can get involved. 

This is what we’ve heard about what our county hopes for: 

Jackson County residents want a community where people choose to live, a community that is healthy and safe. They want a community that is alive, vibrant and growing with places to go and things to do. We want to be known as a place where we work together for solutions to take care of our neighbors and generations.

While we listened carefully to aspirations, we also heard some common concerns: 

  • Community Connectedness & Collaboration
  • Growing Poverty Rates and Working Poor
  • Safety of Children & Adults
  • Lack of Social Gatherings and Spaces
  • Stigma of Substance Use
  • Care for Others & Supportive Services
  • Generational Substance Use
  • Accessiblity to Drugs

Want to Learn More? 

Contact Tonja Couch or 812-522-5450, for her to make a presentation.