United Way Listens to Residents about a Deep Dive on Substance Use Issues

Jackson County United Way (JCUW) will be hosting three community conversations focused on the substance use issue at the Jackson County Public Library, Seymour in the upcoming weeks. 

In 2016, JCUW and the Jackson County Public Library hosted 25 conversations with over 300 residents and this is what we heard our community hopes for: We want a community where people choose to live, that is healthy and vibrant with places to go and things to do.  We want to be known as a place where we work together to take care of our neighbors and generations.

We need honest comments regarding the depth of the problem in the community, how residents can help make a change, and the possible solutions to make progress in our FIGHT against substance use.  We want to better understand from the community can be done in regards to prevention, treatment, and recovery. 

Please consider attending one of three deep dive community conversations and encouraging others you might know to attend one of our conversations.  We are specifically looking for people in recovery and family members affected by someone who is currently/formerly used. Registration is limited to 20. To register, please contact Kimberly Buck 812-522-5450 or (americorps@jacsy.org)- or follow the events below. 

These conversations are to learn more about what people believe might make a difference in strengthening the county to achieve the aspiration.  While United Way can't promise that any new initiatives or programs will emerge from these conversations; we will get back to you, share what was learned, and how it can help make the work in the community more effective.

For further information please contact Tonja Couch (tonja@jacsy.org).