Financial Stability

Tips for Tax Season from Jackson County United Way

You’ve likely heard the adage, “The only certainties in life are death and taxes.” Well, thanks to Jackson County United Way at least one of those things is easier. 
United Way partners with industry leader H&R Block to help people easily and accurately file both their federal and state taxes through MyFreeTaxesTM. MyFreeTaxes is mobile optimized so anyone can access from their computer, tablet or smart phone. Most filers complete their taxes in less than hour.

Tax Season Volunteers Needed

Depending on whether you like to get things done right away or are a procrastinator, tax season is right around the corner. Soon you’ll be gathering your W2s, trying to understand investment documents, and – if you’re lucky – thinking about what to do with your refund.

For many people, however, these are luxuries. Low-income Americans are more likely to be thinking about paying the rent or picking up an extra shift. Their ability to save and invest is limited at best.