Rock'n Ready Initiative



Monday, April 1st- Friday, June 28th


Distribution Dates


Call 812-522-5450 ext. 4 with any questions

Help us collect supplies by dropping off at one of our collection sites or by purchasing from our Amazon Wish List or Walmart Wish List and shipping them directly to our office!

2023 Sponsors

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Information About School-Aged Children

Please enter the information for each child COMPLETELY. Without this information, we can't gaurentee the correct supplies.

You only need to put in details about those children who are in/will be in school in Fall 2024. We are not able to provide supplies for Pre-K students.

If you have more than five children, please fill out an additional form with the names of those children.

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Recibirá una carta en los principios de Julio con información sobre su tiempo para recoger los útiles. Si usted cambia de dirección, favor de dejarnos saber.