What We Do

We fight for the health, education, and financial stability for every person in our county.  It is not enough to feed a hungry family or protect a child from violence; we need to change the conditions that led to hunger and violence in the first place. We work together with businesses, government, schools, faith groups, the media, individual community members, and nonprofits - because it takes the whole community to get the kind of results we need.  

The ability to effect positive change begins with a single act: your decision to give in a way that matters to you. Whether money, time, or your voice; your action is combined with those of your neighbors and together the power to make an impact is multiplied. The generosity of our donors enables us to provide grants for outcome based programs and collaborative projects that address core needs and achieve lasting, measurable results.

Mission Statement:

Jackson County United Way assesses needs, secures resources and strategically invests those resources to create measurable, lasting change in the areas of education, health and financial stability. 

Vision Statement:

We envision a community where all individuals attain their greatest potential through education, healthy living, and financial stability. 


The following are guiding principles and values that describe who we are, what we believe and how we behave. It is a combination of who we are today and who we are striving to become: a community leader, collaborative partner, and solutions provider.

• Compassion: We are about people helping people.  We believe all people should be served with respect. We care deeply about the individual lives that are changed with the help of United Way. We care about improving the overall quality of life in the county we serve. United Way stands for helping, hope and optimism.

• Approachable: We understand the importance of being accessible and empathetic to all those we serve. We strive to create a lasting impact on the lives we touch by building relationships.  Our local presence and our intimate understanding of community help us build lasting partnerships. We believe great results come from working together.

• Trustworthy: United Way sets high standards of accountability for its conduct. We strive to efficiently allocate our shared resources and regularly report to the community with transparency.  The contributions that donors and volunteers make through United Way are investments in our community. They trust us to be effective, efficient and good stewards of these investments.

• Innovative: We are the leader and catalyst for change.  We seek to build strategic partnerships between community resources to increase the capacity to affect change.  We collaborate to achieve great results.  We look for approaches that have not yet been taken. We explore alternatives and seek new ways to solve community problems.

• Results-Oriented: United Way holds itself accountable not just for action, but also for results. We are driven by the commitment to make a real difference in the county we serve.  We analyze community conditions to identify barriers of access and reduce them through impact funding.  We are in the business of solving community problems.

• Engaging: Our style of leadership is to encourage and motivate. Others in the philanthropic community are inspired by our spirit and actions. We believe every person is capable of growth, and our aim is to guide and empower them.

• Dynamic: From the staff to the board and volunteers, United Way is energetic and passionate. We tirelessly pursue building stronger communities. United Way is a vital and essential positive force for change.