COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Information

Now more than ever it stands true: we are all in this together.

Many of our clients already fight daily to meet their own basic needs, are feeling devastating, life changing impacts as a result of this pandemic. Countless people in our county have lost their jobs or had their hours trimmed. They need assistance feeding their families, paying for utilities and rent and making it through this tough time. During this unparalleled moment in history, we are strengthening our commitment to address the immediate and urgent needs of all Jackson County residentsas well as longer-term challenges that will affect financial stability, education, and health outcomes across our community. 

We have launched the Jackson County COVID-19 Response; Emergency Relief Fund in order to partner with nonprofits, to ensure there are direct services being provided like child care, food, and housing & utility assistance in place- while keeping an eye on future unmet and emerging needs. Jackson County United Way with continue to work with city, county and agency leaders to identify resource and service gaps. As we strive to address the growing issues in our community, it is our hope that you will join us in supporting the Jackson County COVID-19 Response; Emergency Relief FundAlong with our dedicated supporters, Jackson County United Way remains committed to our community, our partners and our mission to put opportunity in the hands of all Jackson County residents. 

DONATE NOW to support residence of Jackson County who need help the most during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Every $100 donated, will be matched DOLLAR for DOLLAR to the Jackson County COVID-19 Response; Emergency Relief Fund by the Indiana United Ways UNIN20 Grant (up to $25,000). Due to the current CARES Act set in place, taxpayers who do not itemize their deductions can take a one-time deduction of up to $300 for gifts made in 2020. Take this opportunity to support your community while also being able to use this one-time deduction incentive. Please also take this opportunity to raise your voice and submit a letter to congress to support efforts to expand charitable giving incentives to millions of Americans for years to come. 

To learn if your organization qualifies for these funds, learn more here

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If you are a person in need of services, who needs a referral for child care, food, or housing & utility assistance, click here